Why fewer People Are Dying From COVID-19?

Why fewer People Are Dying From COVID-19?

Over the last few days, the number of coronavirus case have surged in The United States of America and the rest of the world. But, many are left wondering why fewer people are dying from Covid-19 compared to just 6 months ago? Well, the following reasons could explain.

1. Younger

The demography of those who are getting hospitalized tends to be much younger than previous segments with fewer underlining conditions. Some of those underlining conditions are diabetes, TB, high blood pressure, asthma.

2. Better care plan

Healthcare professionals have learned how to quickly respond to the thread. Doctors have developed standardized treatment procedures. Those protocols have been validated and approved by peers.

3. Health and safety guidelines

Mask wearing, washing hands, and social distancing measures play an important role. Surely, those guidelines have considerably lessened the overall severity of the illness.


4. Elderly better protected

Our society overall is doing a better job of protecting our elderly and those with underlining conditions. Moreover, since we now have a clearer understanding of the virus nursing home, retirement centers, have developed effective preventive strategies.

5. Virus mutation

Actually, this one of the most widely spread theories among scientists. Perhaps, the virus has mutated to a weaker form.

6. Lag time

There could be a time lag between the surge in cases we are experiencing right now and a high death rate. Hospitals around the country haven’t yet reached full capacity once they reach that critical stage, things could become ugly. Consequently, we need to remain vigilant.


Even though, fewer people are dying from covid-19 currently. Some people who recovered end up with serious health conditions. There is no room for complacency, we still haven’t found a cure or a vaccine yet. So let’s keep following and respecting social distancing measures and wearing masks.

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