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Why Are People of Color Dying Of COVID19

A look at the preliminary data, we can observe that African Americans’ death rate compare to other ethnicity is alarming. But why are people of color dying of covid19 more than any ethnicity in our country? In fact, the group bears a disproportionate and alarming rate of fatality. Although, we don’t have a full scope of the diseases. Still, nearly 23% of reported Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. are African American as of May 20, according to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics.

Credit: CNBC

We have read a lot of articles and reviews about the multiple reasons that might have caused that. For instance, pre-existing conditions, lack of insurance, serious underlying medical conditions, the type of job perform, living in an area with large density according to the CDC.

Nevertheless, there is one interesting theory that can be juxtaposed to all the factors above: Experimental Medications.


Experimental Medications.

Indeed, a careful analysis can reveal that most of the medication used to treat COVID 19 patients were experimental. Consequently, what if, some of those experimental medications were not suitable for people with certain types of underlying conditions. Perhaps, the experimental drugs suit a different ethnic group. Maybe, those medications can trigger negative reactions.

After all, according to Axio’s article,Black Americans are less involved in trials.

Maybe, this assumption doesn’t match the current reality. But, it could open up further analysis for a full circle comprehension. After all, not all countries face the same death rate. As of illustration, there is no hecatomb due to COVID19 in Africa.

There is a need for more research and analysis on the topic. Conceivably, as more data from all over the world become available, we will be able to uncover more details. Eventually, either rebuke the assumption or confirm it. But for now, there is a case.

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