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Where are the last Coronavirus-free places in America?

The United States of America has registered more than 8 million cases as of Oct.18 2020 and more than 200,000 deaths according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Johns Hopkins University. Indeed, the data is self-explanatory. But not every location is affected in the country. We still have some coronavirus-free zones.

Actually, we still have some counties and a US territory that hasn’t been affected yet. Precisely, 2 counties and 1 US territory as of today.


2 Coronavirus-free counties

  1. Loving Counties in Texas

It’s located on the Texas-New Mexico border east of El Paso. Furthermore, this beautiful county is the least densely populated in the continental U.S with a population of just 134 people.

2. Esmeralda County in Nevada

 This county in the west of Nevada and the population was 783, making it the least populous county in the state of Nevada.

US territory of American Samoa

The remote US territory of American Samoa has not recorded a single case of COVID-19. Consequently, it is the last coronavirus-free territory. South Pacific islands essentially shut itself from any external contact by closing its border since the month of March.

Two main explanations are behind this achievement so far: low population density and isolation. Perhaps, we can also add luck. Nevertheless, because most are remote and difficult to access, we haven’t able to test everyone.

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