Welcome To America: How To Start a Career?

One of the biggest mistakes some newly arrived African immigrants make is to not think about their career options thoroughly. Typically, went they get here, they rely on their family, community network to get into the workforce. However, they are many options available depending on where you live. Indeed, so many organizations can help you transition or consolidate your career options based on your desire, goals, and objectives. For instance, in Massachusetts, Boston, JVS a nonprofit organization is doing fantastic work in assisting immigrants settling in with a vast array of services.


Careers options

Most immigrants gravitate around healthcare and IT, they represent a large part of good-paying jobs. However, keep in mind they are many other options available such trade skills as well that pay extremely well as well.  Indeed, some trades such as electricians, plumbers, technicians, robotics technicians, and truck drivers can get you as much as over 100k per year.


So, you should not neglect those options. Just be committed and dedicated to your craft and be aware it would require patient and dedication. After you see a field that you are potentially interested in learning about the requirements if you meet them to apply, if not commit to upgrading your skillset.

Nonetheless of the most interesting field is certifying careers have the potential to maximize your ability quick without asking your break your bank account. Inline with that, professions such as CPA, CFA, CompTIA are in high demand.

Transition to your career passion.

Essentially, do not settle for less go for your career passion. Even though you can always capitalize on whatever is available to you right now to hit the ground and get going with your bills and other financial obligations. But find ways to quickly transition to a field that you are passionate about. A field that your can build a reliable career and perhaps a better working environment. Look for organizations, that provide benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, tuition assistance and growth opportunities.  


Do not follow the money but follow a career.

If you were making less than $250 per month in your home country and now you make $500 per week. Considerably, by the standard of most home countries that is a lot, but you live here now. Hence, do not feel comfortable with that because as you grow here, so do your needs. Be careful not to find yourself in a loop ➿. You might end up regretting it after a couple of years. Keep in mind, this is a fast-paced moving environment 5 years here look like 1 year. Always look for ways to move up faster as soon as you can. But keep in mind to adapt yourself to the local job market.

In the end, is the balance between educating yourself about the job market opportunities, your dream job, and your skillsets. Hence don’t stay in your comfort zone, connect, network, meet people, go to your local community college to talk with an advisor, to explore available options.

Go beyond your community and see what’s out there before you settle for a career, not for a job.


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