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Kamala Harris, the Vice President pick was officially introduced yesterday, Wednesday, August 12th, at a social distancing event in Wilmington, Delaware. The home state of the Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden.


After the take over by the Qatari Investment Authority in 2011 has invested close to $2 billion with one of the sole goals of winning the prestigious UEFA Champion League. Yesterday marked the first time the current French football league champion reaches the semi-final despite all that investment.

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A Powerball winning ticket was sold in Florida last night. The money will be welcomed for the lucky person, especially during this difficult time.


A United States Air Force helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing Monday in Virginia after the aircraft reportedly came under fire and injured a crew member. FBI is investigating the incident.

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If the information is true then probably the situation is going to be extremely complicated for the food industry. That is because it raises many questions among consumers not only in China but here at home. Especially after reported COVID-19 outbreaks in Meat and Poultry Processing Facilities throughout The United States. Furthermore, are all the meat products imported by the US coronavirus free? But can this announcement be a warning sign to our meat export industry as well?


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