How to Tie a Tie

How to Tie a Tie

Tie or necktie is a piece of clothing accessory usually worn by men around the neck. The history of ties could be traced back in the early days because scarves have been around for thousands of years to help protect against cold. But tie was popularized in the early 17th century in France when King Louis XIII adopted it as mandatory for all Royal events. In honor of the Croats who wore them during The 30 years to tie the top of their uniforms.

Over the years the craft of tying a Tie has been perfected with many varieties of the piece of cloth and many different version of knots. is now a must for any man who respects itself.

However, yet today many people still fall behind when it comes to mastering the art. To remediate the issue we put together the best-curated video in our opinion from the web. Associating time and effort here are our best:

Video 1: Full Windsor Knot in 05 minutes

By tiehole Published on YouTube on 28th Jul 2010.

The video has been viewed more than 48,542,092. It is incredible with precisions and its step by step simple instructions set it apart.

Video 2: How to tie a tie 10 seconds

This video is extremely handy. Learning how to tie a tie with the methodology revealed in this video will you save you an incredible amount of time. Especially nowadays with our busy schedule and a life on the go.

By Pratiks Published on YouTube on 6 May 2010

The video has reached more 47,087 views and replicated more than 1000 times all over the internet.


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