Fastest Ways To Make Extra Cash This Year

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After a couple of years of a failure life and complaining about my precarious financial situation, so I decided to take action 2 years ago. Below are the 5 steps I took to make extra income effortless. Before I jump in, full disclosure, I started doing this while making less than $40k a year at my 9-5 job.

1. Invest in the stock market.

After losing so much money, I realized the best stock market for me based on my income level and limit to how much I can set aside after getting paid is not one of the major exchange such as the Nasdaq, nor the NYSE but the OTC stock market. That is because, in the OTC stock market prices per share are in general much lower. For instance $10 in the OTC market can go a long way in terms of numbers of shares. The volume of share are the only metric that matters while investing in stock market.


So I opened an account with a broker that offer OTC stock market and I invested $20 per month not without doing my due diligence. That is because OTC stock market is not as regulated as the other major exchanges and it is often the breading ground of scammers. However, we good research you can land some major wins. OTC market is also very volatile, stock can skyrocket overnight or just go bankrupt in minutes.

Personally, I use fidelity investment platform but there are a number of other platforms. Several brokerages trade OTC stocks, but the best ones offer $0 minimum deposits and minimal fees for trading. Fidelity accomplishes both of these, where popular online brokers TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab charge $6.95 per trade.

I limit my investment to $20 per month because that is the amount I can afford. My total investment so far tally to $20K. As I mentioned earlier, penny stocks on OTC have significant upticks.


2. Overtime

Do not hesitate to take the opportunity to take on more responsibilities at work. Do not underestimate for example what an extra 30 minutes everyday per shift can do to your paycheck. It adds up and provide a breathing room in form of a couple of dollars more to your wallet. Personally, I tried to do an extra 30 minutes at least every day or I volunteer to pick an extra shift every time there is an opportunity. I was able to add more than $30k to my annual pay.


3. Spare change

Do not underestimate the power of your spare changes. Have you ever stopped to think about how much money you really have each year in the form of loose change? If you did, you might be more inclined to look at it differently.

In my case, when I swept our house and counted all the pennies, quarters, and cents it totals up to more than $1000. I used that money to pay down our annual car insurance.

I also, use an app that reinvest all spare changes. I use Cash app. In my case, at the end of the year the total was $5k. That is also because the stock I picked had a very good year as well. I have decided to keep it going as a long-term investment just to check how much that can turn into in 5 years.

However, there other better options such as:


4. Scrath ticket

I don’t have any particular budget; I just pick up a lottery ticket or a scratch ticket every time I have an opportunity to do so. I am not limited to any particular play. I usually limit myself to a $10 scratch tickets. However, I do some research to find out which tickets is in seasons and how many jackpot winning tickets are left. Yet, some people go extreme to learn how to win major lottery games such as Powerball or mega millions. can really change people lives.

Personally, I have won more than $5k this year already with a combination of scratch tickets and local lottery tickets. The plus is the money was tax free because of the relative low amount.

5. Gigs

I do food delivery on the side, 3 hours per day. Typically, 1 hour before work and 2 hours after work. In addition, I do more hours on weekend usually 5 hours. I limited my self to a total revenue of $400 per week an average. At the end of the year, I was able to bring in a total of $6k of extra cash.


All those brought in a total of $30k of extra cash this year. There many other strategies can be implemented. Hence, by all means please do not limit yourself these actions, follow your own path and do your researches.


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