These Simple Hacks Unlock Saving Money On Car Insurance Now

Your car insurance can be a pain in your budget and it increases each year. Even if they have proven to be absolutely necessary. Indeed, you will only find out how important they are only when you get into a car accident. Yet, how to save money on car insurance is a question that gets the attention of every single driver? Actually, those solutions shouldn’t take into consideration things like credit score or driving history.


Your zip code

This is a very simple hack. Usually, before renting or buying a place you call home, you often hear the word “location”. Well, it turns out, it works as well for car insurance. Basically, the neighborhood you live in influence greatly your premium. In some cases, the price can drop by up to 30% just across the block. Many factors play like how crowded is the neighborhood, crime rate, or the average household income.

Pay at least every 6 months in full

Typically, if you pay your first six months in full, you will get a discount. Then eventually if you keep the same trend your insurance cost will go down. This simple trick will help you save money on car insurance.

Your car brand

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Normally, some car brands are famously known to breaking down easily or involved in many accidents. That is because they are poorly manufactured.

Your car model

Likewise, with car brands. So, the older you car, the more insurance you will pay. Keep that in mind.

Bundle up

A great saving hack is to bundle up your car insurance with other insurance policies. For example your house insurance. Also, you can simply pool insurance with another person. For instance, a family car insurance plan.

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