There Is Only 1 Reason Why Your eCommerce Site Isn’t Selling

ecommerce sales growth

Ecommerce sales growth is a big problem for any online entrepreneur. Indeed, as an e-commerce business owner, you need money to scale your operation Without any substantial income your risk of getting out of business is higher. I am sure you have read so many great pieces of content related to find a way to make it happen. Perhaps, you have faced the same situation with your online business.

Before you start the process of either shutting down your business or hiring an e-commerce sales growth specialist. Try these few recommendations that resulted from my personal reflection and observation.


1. Offline to Online for eCommerce sales growth.

It is not enough to open an online store and to seat in front of the computer all day expecting sales to come in. Generally, to reach any sales with that aforementioned strategy you will have to spend a lot of money on digital marketing. But most people don’t have the budget and the resources.


So the trick is to go after:

Offline traffic source to bring it online.

You have to spend 70% of your time trying to promote your product physically by attending social events, pop-up shops, and strategic partnerships. It might sound weird but the impact is immediately guaranteed. Because not only, it helps you filter your online traffic but it also helps build relationships with your potential customers.

Think about it, how many times have you actually done a purchase online because you’ve actually seen the product somewhere. Or you did not checkout because you know nothing about the store nor the product advertised before your eyes. That is why companies that are successful online spent a fortune for some sort of physical presence.


2. Where to get physical traffic

Obviously, it all depends on the type of inventory you carry and your persona. However, these are some ideas.

  • Pop-pus events
  • Colleges strategic partnerships
  • Partnerships with local corporations and small businesses
  • Work with local brick and mortar retail outlets.
  • Partnerships with industry-related organizations

For instance, if you sell furniture online, you can get a partnership with local colleges. That is because college students move in and out all the time and they will need furniture. Consequently, they can go on your website. Thus driving quality traffic. More if they are satisfied they will share your website with friends and family.

Basically, what I am trying to convey is perhaps the best way to get quality traffic fast and drive sustainable growth to your eCommerce business. Hence, make time to go after physical traffic and you will get faster results.