5 Unusual Ways To Save Money

A couple of days ago I was on a trip and I overheard two friends sharing their financial struggles. As I was listening to all the issues faced, for instance, difficulties paying for groceries, the need for a bigger house but couldn’t afford the mortgage, challenges with paying for daycare or savings for future needs. …

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Why You Need Roommates?

Roommates are amazing, Just the experience of living in a shared-house is wonderful. But just make sure you pick the right one.

What is Shop Sharing?

Shop Sharing

Shop sharing similar to co-working space is a very popular way among small business owners to cut down the expenses of running a business.

What is Grocery Group Buying?

Grocery Group Buying

Grocery Group buying works like any group-buying program. In essence, the model combines the purchasing buying power of many to get up a 50% discount for all your produce. The social-based community is progressively changing how people engage in grocery shopping. However, the deal usually has a limited time. How does it work: A community …

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