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How I paid off $4500 of debt in 3 months

How I paid $4500 of debt in 3 months

A couple of months ago I used to owe a lot of money. The situation became horrible after an accident. As a result of the situation, my debt skyrocketed to: Ambulance bill: $500 Hospital: $3000 Bank account overdraft: $1000 Total: $4500 I take home on average $4540 net per month that is $1135 per month. […]

How to Pay your Debt? Introduction

Debt burden is probably the single most important issue of this era. Especially when you owe a big amount of money. How you can pay off your debt? Irrespective of how you get to this level, there is no blame game, and should not be blaming yourself. Instead, you should be solution-oriented. Student loan, medical


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