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How To Become an Expert in Microsoft Excel What is it? Microsoft Excel is one ...read more

If You’re Confused Who Your Real Friends are Watch This

How to recognize an excellent friend? It is often a question that is not often easy to answer. Especially, in a world where transactional relationships are often more valued than sincerity, this video helps us identified who our real friends are. If You’...

How I juggle between a full-time job, a start-up, my side gigs and my family

Sometimes, I¬†compare my life to Jack Bauer’s without all the secret service credentials. But my life is probably as busy as his, I have a full-time job as a marketing coordinator, run my start-up, work for my side gigs, I manage to spend time quality ti...

How I Learned to Live in a New Country

Moving to a new city or country is very strange. All the stages you go through, first the excitement...