Save Money on Groceries : Grow your own food

To save money on grocery is not an easy task. Especially if we want to maintain a healthy diet lifestyle. Nevertheless If you breakdown your grocery budget, you will notice fresh vegetable especially organic veggies represents a huge part of the budget. As a consequent, by leveraging the space you can substantially reduce your fresh vegetable budget. There are probably many options available but this article will illustrate how you can save money by growing your own veggies.

Takeaways: Save Money on Groceries

This article focuses on the most common veggies used while cooking. Like basil, green onions, tomatoes, carrots, and bell peppers. Even better if you have a garden you really save big. Image how much money you can save every week if you grow these veggies. Below find how you can grow them.

  1. Basil leaf (0.75oz) from $2.49 at a grocery store

Growing basil indoor can be challenging because it should be planted an in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil and it requires good lighting. A plant of basil yields about 9 0z or 7 cups of leaves. That is approximately $30 savings with one plant. You can buy a plant in a pot for approximately $6 and utilize your window sunlight.

     2. A bunch of green onion (4.5oz) from $1.29 at a grocery store

Green onions are the easiest veggies to grow and it grows very fast.  All you need is a container and water. Place the roots down in a jar or glass with enough water to cover the roots. Place the jar on a sunny windowsill and change the water every few days. That is it. You will have an endless supply of green onions all year round. You save anywhere between $5 to $10 per month. Moreover, the quantity will depend on the size of your jar. But you can expect to harvest at least 2-3 times per week

    3. Romaine Lettuce (22 oz) from $2.69

Chances are you are buying a head once a week. Actually, you can regrow it from the stem. Simply place the stem in a bowl and fill it with water. You should see the result within days and complete full lettuce within  2 weeks. But unlike green onion regrowing romaine lettuce won’t provide you with an endless supply. Depending on the size of your bowl you can expect to save good money between $10 to $50 per month. In addition, you are safe to grow your own romaine lettuce.

    4. Organic bell peppers ( red) from $1.59 each

Bell peppers can be extremely expensive depending on the variety and on where you buy them. But to grow them you will need the appropriate soil, space, and light. However, you can leverage always your porch or your garden. You can save a substantial amount of money if you grow your own peppers. Your total saving could reach $50 per month.

In conclusion, growing your own food or regrowing  food will:

  • Trim the grocery bill you can expect to save from hundreds of dollars to even thousands per year.
  • Supply you with fresh, healthy organic food.
  • Build a healthy life.
  • Possibility of having a zero dollar spend on grocery if you push the idea further.

If you can utilize your kitchen, porch, garden. You can always check community gardens around you.




What is Grocery Group Buying?

Grocery Group buying, works like any group buying program. In essence, the model combine the purchasing buying power of many to get up 50% discount for all your produce. However, the deal usually have a limited time.


Takeaways : The program is a great way to save big on your grocery budget. But you need genuine people to join your program. You can start one with your family members, roommates, neighbors, or close friends.
Advantages of setting up or joining a Grocery Group buying program:
  • Savings : You can save up to 50% on your grocery budget, it can go up to 80% if you have a very high volume.
  • Social connection : It is a great way to create social connection.

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