How To Manage Your Money Successfully Like The Rich

Advertisements Learning how to properly manage your money like the rich, may sound challenging. But, it is actually a very simple approach. If well mastered, it will help you be better off, with your money. That is because you’d have mastered the art of money management. Takeaways The rules set up a winning strategy for […]

5 Unusual Ways To Save Money

Advertisements A couple of days ago I was on a trip and I overheard two friends sharing their financial struggles. As I was listening to all the issues faced, for instance, difficulties paying for groceries, the need for a bigger house but couldn’t afford the mortgage, challenges with paying for daycare or savings for future

How Does Facebook Marketplace Work?

Advertisements Marketing professionals look at Facebook as a funnel platform solely. While for the general public is just a means of staying connected with friends and family. Perhaps, if you flip that perception by exerting a growth mindset and digging into the platform you will look at it differently. Indeed, Facebook Marketplace is bigger than

How To Build Generational Wealth on a $500/Weekly check

Advertisements They are thousands of organizations and individuals across the country working hard to help people on a tight budget build generational wealth. But, I just wanted to add my contribution to this hot topic. Indeed, the topic is at the heart of social inequality. That’s why it is fueling social injustice and activism. How

How To Make Money Cooking at Home

Advertisements Restaurants in private homes are increasingly gaining popularity all over the world and disrupting the traditional eatery business model. Indeed, that is because the culinary options are limitless and the barrier to entry is non-existent. Furthermore, they are extremely affordable compared to classic restaurants. However, venues and hosts need to be thoroughly vetted and

What is Shop Sharing?

Shop sharing similar to co-working space is a very popular way among small business owners to cut down the expenses of running a business.


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