3 Reasons Why Most Black Don’t Become Wealthy By Valerie Love

Why black families struggle to build wealth?. The answer is not so simple. Even though historical reasons certainly play a bigger role in generational wealth. Yet evidence has also pointed out different reasons.

In the video 03 main reasons identify are “Flossing or Ballin”, the lack of money understanding and the everything now attitude. Nevertheless, the goal is not to condemn black culture. But, the ultimate argument is to encourage more African American to be more money conscious and long term focus.


Just by adjusting their lifestyle and community interaction. The African American community could easily be one of the most powerful. Yet it is worth noticing elements such as educational level, low investment in black communities and racial segregation.

Go deeper why most black struggle to build wealth nowadays?

This 2017 article from Huffpost, shed more about this topic with illustrative details. For example, the well-documented paper revealed statistics and empirical explanation about the real truth surrounding the limitation of black wealth.

Way forward

These simple tips if applied can help the black community build more wealth.

a. Pragmatism

Often time more African American don’t accept some hard fact evidence. As an illustration, if you live with the minimum wage why will you buy an iPhone? Why will you rent a $900 apartment if you earn $2000 a month? In essence, live either below your means or at par with your means.

b. Stronger community, stronger people

Across the country, most communities where the majority are black are invested with all sort of crime, decay, and destructions. Even though low public investments don’t help. Yet, some simple step could be taken to improve the situation.

  • Firstly, spreading more love within the community by supporting each other, organizing community cleaning up campaigns and
  • Also, team up to promote crime-free business opportunities.
  • Moreover, build solid black business networks and associations.
  • Finally, shop and buy black to encourage the community.

c. Behavior

African American need to be more optimistic and appreciate the opportunity of being American. In addition, this includes hard work and always thinking ahead. Also, the feeling of resentment and aggressivity only path the way for more social and racial clustering.

d. Education

More educated people equal more community elevation. By education, I don’t mean a college degree. I mean knowledge sharing, mentoring, and coaching. They are more important than a college degree.





How To Save Money On Groceries : Group Shopping

How To Save Money On Groceries

Saving money on groceries is a top priority every time we receive our paycheck. That is because it is an uncompressible expense. Even though they are many strategies to reduce your grocery budget. We felt empowered to share with you the below strategy that revolves around building a strong community. Indeed group grocery shopping if well though with reliable people can be a win.

How does it work?

  1. Find a reliable person or group of people. It could be your roommate, your neighbor, your co-worker or your family member.
  2. Agree on a routine shopping date
  3. Set an individual shopping list
  4. Analyze the list and check common products such as toilet papers, fresh produce, rice, meat, etc…
  5. Make a separate list of common products.
  6. Determine the quantity each need and prorate the budget accordingly. For example, you can buy a box of paper towel then proceed with various allocations.
  7. Choose a leader who will do the purchase on behalf of the group
  8. The bill is split according to the group agreement
  9. After the purchase, you can start sharing with due respect to each person’s requirement and needs.
  10. Evaluate how much you have saved yet the tradeoff is higher because you put in the time and energy.

Takeaways: Saving Money On Groceries

  1. The strategy will enable at least 10% savings on grocery shopping. Nevertheless, it would be extremely hard to convince people to join. By showing upfront all savings they can make, chances are the mindset will shift. It is all about value.
  2. You will save money and the environment because it will eliminate or reduce waste as an unintended strategy.
  3. You will be exposed to additional options and more products possibilities because of the saving realize.
  4. An increase in your disposable income.

The Saving Canvas Illustrated

How to build a budget made simple with The saving canvas illustrated. Below, you will find an illustrative example. Indeed, it is a series of video that will improve the tool understanding.

Takeaways: How to build a budget

It is important to stress that the tool main goal is to look at your spending holistically not just from a monetary standpoint. Actually, most budgeting tools will exclusively focus on the monetary aspect of your spend. Thus, underestimating the impact of non-monetary value in your budgeting.

Time, for example, is a critical element that affects your budget. The total cost of making your own food is the sum total of the money you spend on buying and paying for the resources and your availability. Generally called opportunity cost.

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