How to buy nothing

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Saving money is always among our top priorities. But finding opportunities to do so could be hard. As a result, gift economy movements and communities can provide a great relief. The buying nothing project is one of those communities.

The buying nothing project

It A Social Movement Promoting Gratitude, Connection & Community. Everything is free. Learn more about the initiative by watching Jamie Carbaugh.

Takeaways : The initiatives offers a meaningful way to build a strong communities where people can give and receive, share, lend and express gratitude. Thus reducing the need for buying.

Advantages of joining the gift economy movements:

  • Building connection : By joining the movement, you make create connection,know your neighbor more and leverage the power of the community.
  • Free: Everything is absolutely, totally free and you can find anything.
  • Social good: Some people are really in need of things however they can’t afford them.