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What Is a Medical Cost-Sharing Program?

Medical costs have an abyss negative impact on the life of average people. Hence, getting health coverage is paramount. However, there is a vast majority of people out of the look because of the prohibitive cost. Thankfully, more and more alternative options are gaining mainstream. Consequently, those alternatives strengthen communities and provide great relief. One of those is a Healthcare cost-sharing program also known as Medi-Share. The principle requires participants to pool their resources together to share each others’ medical costs. Consequently, the program helps people save money on medical bills.


Even though, the program spurs many benefits for its members. It does have some drawbacks such as compliances with certain practices, faith, lifestyle, and culture. In addition, it does not cover all treatments. Plus a medical doctor can refuse to treat you.  Accordingly, it is important to clearly pinpoint

Healthcare sharing programs are not binding 
contractual agreements!

Nevertheless, it is a valuable alternative for people in desperate need of coverage. Especially if you want to save money on medical bills

Advantages of having a Healthcare cost-sharing program:

The alternative does offer some good benefits for its members. Arguably, that is why the subscription is growing very fast.

  • Cheaper than traditional health insurance: the programs function much like a regular insurance policy at a lower overall cost. Furthermore, it provides generally the same reimbursement benefits.
  • Alignment with your faith and values: many cost-sharing programs are from faith-based organizations that may exclude some services, such as abortion or birth control.
  • Leverage the power of the community: it really about the community and how well the community has your back. This a fundamental guidance of the program. Once you join the program is no more about me but you. They rely on each other for the program’s effectiveness.
  • Dual program option: if you can afford you can combine your personal health care plan to a healthcare cost-sharing plan.

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There are many programs available in the marketplace but below you will find a list of the most visible.

It is not surprising faith-based organizations lead the initiatives. Their dominance reflects the strong ties and trust between its members. A profound sense of attachment to the values promoted by the Ministries.

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