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How To Buy Nothing

Save moneybuy nothing” more than a mantra is among our top priorities. But finding opportunities to do so could be hard. As a result, gift economy movements and communities can provide great relief. Hence, the buying nothing project is one of those communities. Its members are tight by shared beliefs and driven by the desire to reduce waste and limit their exposure to the consumer society we live in. Started a couple of years ago the project is gaining momentum across the globe.

It is a Social Movement Promoting Gratitude, Connection & Community. Everything is free. Learn more about the initiative by watching Jamie Carbaugh.



The initiatives offer a meaningful way to build strong communities where people can give and receive, share, lend and express gratitude. Thus reducing the need for buying. Save money buy nothing is easy said than done. But if done right it can yield great benefits.


Advantages of saving money buy nothing movement:

  • Building connection: By joining the movement, you make great connections, know your neighbor more, and leverage the power of the community.
  • Free: Everything is absolutely, totally free and you can find anything. Just imagine how much money you can save every year.
  • Social good: Some people in need of things they can’t afford, will appreciate the project. Consequently, the movement facilitates access to a large variety of products and services.
  • Waste reduction: The amount of waste we throw away is ridiculous. By giving them to others we reduce our environmental impact and give a second life to those products.
  • Food: This is one of the best values of the project. The members donate excess food or crops available.

How to join the movement?

To join the project simply check the website: https://buynothingproject.org/ or check on social media notably Facebook to find out if there any group near you.

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