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Satisfied Customers VS Grateful Customers

Why I am writing about this ? Satisfied customers vs grateful customers. But hold on, be open-minded and probably this will make sense.

It is a long day, you are so hungry and exhausted. But your thoughts are clouded by your next 3 hours. You have to drive home, probably you will be stuck in traffic for some time. Then once you are home you have to make dinner. Also, before eating, you will need to prepare, then cook the meal. As a result, your level of stress and anxiety go up. Sounds familiar?

Suddenly, your sister gives you a call and let know you she was at your place and while she was in she did cook for you.


That feeling of relief add some much needed oxygen in you. Thus, reinforcing your love and appreciation for your sister. You are grateful.

A couple of years ago, while I was working in South America, one of our customers came to me and told me he was grateful for our service. That encountered was probably the most amazing encountered I have ever had with a customer in my entire life. It was genuine and spontaneous. We didn’t send any coupons, offered any discounts, mailed any post cards nor provided any incentives. It was a spontaneous act.

Then I started researching on the topic of satisfied customers vs grateful customers.

Here is what I found:

Satisfied Customers VS Grateful Customers

  1. A satisfied customer will be happy with your product or service but will always find alternatives for an eventual plan B.

    Indeed, when we are happy and satisfied with a product or service for some reasons we always look for alternatives. For example, I am satisfied with my current job, but everyday I am on Linkedin looking around to see what’s out there.

  2. A grateful customer will stick with you even in time of hardship, financial turmoil.

    I am sure you have a favorite brand that you stick with no matter what happens. Sunshine, rainfall you are loyal forever. They can increase the cost of their product you are still in. As an illustration, think of loyal fans of a sport organization or followers of a religious leader or a politician. Those people are not in because they are happy or satisfied. They are in because they are grateful for all the emotions and life-changing experiences.


In conclusion, satisfied customers are happy with your service or product. However, grateful customers are loyal and have a deep sense of gratefulness. Usually, a satisfied customer will be “happy with your product” and a grateful customer says” I am grateful for service or product”.

As a consequence, any business should focus on turning their customers into satisfied customers and satisfied customers into grateful customers.

Now the question is how can you as a business achieve that goal? Feel free to contribute and share ideas in the comment session below,

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