Why you Need Roommates?


Roommates are from a personal standpoint important depending on the stage of life where you find yourself at. Even if you are married, your spouse, husband or partner is still technically your roommate some could argue. Humans are simply not meant to live alone. That is why “We need human contact to feel human”. Even though, it could be challenging to share your space, privacy or intimacy with someone. However, those obstacles could be easily overcome through communication, trust, and mutual respect. As an example Just watch friends the tv show.


Roommates can be annoying especially when the values are not aligned with yours. But they can prove to be extremely valuable, you just need to find the right roommate.That is a reason why before jumping in you have to vet them carefully.

Advantages of having roommates :

  • Sharing all expenses (with roommates you can envision to leave a better life with low-budget expenses.)
  • Building a strong relationship and leveraging each other network
  • You won’t be lonely (Having a person to talk with, share your doubts, or just having fun with)
  • You will always have help (One day, I left for work coming back I realized I forgot my keys in my room, it was a very cold winter day in New England. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if I didn’t have any roommates.)

Wanna learn more about roommates: 

Read this excellent article to learn how to get along with your roommates: https://www.ef.edu/blog/language/12-tips-to-get-along-with-your-roommates/