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Why The Current US Stock crash is the perfect opportunity for retail inventors?

Looking at the stock market these last few days has given me nightmares. Indeed, most stocks are down, and some well-established, blue-chip stocks are down more than 20% on average. Actually, Netflix (NFLX) one of the world’s most renowned household tech and streaming giants crashed to -30% in 2 days trading session. Indeed, Netflix crashed, closed what was a bloodbath week for The United States Stock market. However, after careful consideration, this represents an incredible opportunity for new retail investors to jump into the market at a desirable entry-level for most stocks. Because of the current market trading level.


Who is a retail investor?

A retail investor is anyone who doesn’t do investing as a career. In essence, is a person who buys and sells financial securities such as stock, bonds, mutual funds, currencies, cryptocurrency, ETFs, and other types of investments via a broker, bank, or a certified and licensed professional. Yet, they manage their money and not on behalf of someone else. Typically, any retail investors are nonprofessionals and are not institutional investors. Though, more and more retail investors are turning their side hustles into full-time jobs.


Current Trade opportunities

These current market trends represent a buying opportunity for retail investors or anyone looking to buy some stocks either for swing trades, long-term hold or simply as inheritances to pass over to your kids.

Consequently, here are some really good opportunities as of January 21st, 2022.

CompanyTickerCurrent Price per stockHighest 52 weeks priceBest known
Square-Block incSQ116289.23Cash app, square payment
PaypalPYPL162.25310.16Venmo, Paypal, Honey

Certainly, they are more stocks with incredible market entry levels. Levels that no retail investors would have ever imagined only 3 months ago. Nonetheless, I Pick those 5 stocks because they speak to me. Moreover, my family and I use their services practically every week professionally and personally.


Some are calling this trend a market correction, others a market crash. Nevertheless, whatever it is I believe it is an incredible opportunity for ordinary people to get into the stock market. But no matter whatever you decide to do, please invest your hard-earned money with care.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice. Please before investing consider seeking advice from a certified financial advisor




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