Presidential Inauguration Day: When Does The New President Take Office?

When Does The New President Take Office in 2021

The 2020 election saw Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected as the 46th president of The United States of America and the first Vice President of color in history. But, there are a few steps to go before the presidential oath is mandated by the United States Constitution on the presidential inauguration day. That is because of the uniqueness of America’s presidential election process. So, when is the presidential inauguration day?

When Does The New President Take Office 2021

When is the presidential inauguration?: Timeline

Typically, the presidential election process continues after the count of the popular vote. Indeed, the end of the count marks the beginning of procedural events. Normally, should everything goes well it ultimately consecrates the winners during the Presidential Inauguration day.

  • December 8

States have until Dec. 8 to resolve any disputes and certify their voting results to send the electors to the Electoral College to vote.

  • December 14

The Monday after the second Wednesday in December, December 14 this year. The electors will meet.

  • December 23

The Certificates of Electors Vote goes with the Certificates of Ascertainment, sealed, and certified.

The Certificates of the Vote are paired with the Certificates of Ascertainment, sealed and certified.

The certificates are sent by registered mail to:

  • The president of the Senate (the vice president of the United States)
  • The secretary of the state in the state in which the electors met (he or she gets two copies)
  • The archivist of the United States (he or she gets two copies)
  • The judge of the U.S. district court in the district where the electors met
  • January 6

On Jan. 6, the House and the Senate meet in a joint session at 1 p.m. to count votes and declare the results.

  • January 20

The vice president goes first, taking the oath of office a few minutes before noon, then the president is sworn-in at noon.

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