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Powerful Poems To Help With Depression Now: Rosie Caristea

Powerful poems to help with depression, is an addition to all those affected by this horrible illness. Indeed, the struggle is real. Sometimes, you just want to give up. Certainly we have many mechanism. Poems are one of them.

Maybe today you are looking out at your window,
Contemplating of what had happened, or what went wrong,
Maybe you think you were forsaken, you’ve been let down,
Maybe you’re right, but then maybe you’re wrong.
Maybe that little sparrow flying above that you’ve been watching this afternoon,
Chose to fly alone, rather than wait for her kind to tag along,
Maybe she wanted to explore the vast horizon on her own,
Gliding,diving solo flight, and who would say that it is wrong?
Maybe the star that you saw during the night of your solitude,
Was not the only star during that time, some may be hidden behind the clouds,
Maybe she chose to stay visible to your eyes,
Maybe she knew, you needed her, you needed the assurance.
Billions or zillions of living things reside in the same universe,
Some chose to live closer, stick together; some chose to isolate themselves,
Who knows why; and who knows where,lies the mysteries,
But definitely, you are not alone trying to figure out life, and its idiosyncrasies

You are not alone Rosie Caristea


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