Money Coach lessons

Money coach lessons use evaluation, consultation, coaching, follow up to help you get ahead and stay ahead financially. We look at what is available in the sharing economy, platform business community and we evaluate that against your potential, skill, availability and resources. Our goal is to make sure you get the right fit.




It is easy said than achieve. Sometimes without the little extra push it could be very challenging to achieve your financial goals.

We do that by connecting you to the best saving, earning and investing opportunity. Each opportunity leverages the power community.



We will do an honest evaluation of your financial habits.

Understanding your personality is critical.

We want to understand what your initial goals are.

We want to acknowledge the resources you have: skills, knowledge, any properties, any assets.

We will recommend at least 03 options that will help you meet your goals.

Here you decide and choose the option you think will best work for you.

We will help you set realistic goals. 

We will decide together on the best execution strategy. Design an action plan and actionable steps

We establish periodic (daily,weekly and monthly) metrics to assess your progress against

We will follow up with you at a specific date and time to make sure you stay on track and on target

The main goals have been achieved and we proceed with 360 evaluation

We repeat the process with different goals.