Living a Holy Life Before God and Others

Living a holy life means a lifestyle free from Sin. First of all, God is the only One who is absolutely Holy at all times. Therefore, he is the author of Holiness. Obedience is one of the key factors that can lead you to be Holy before God and others. 

1 Peter 1:16 says YOU MUST BE HOLY FOR, I AM HOLY.

Holiness simply means total devotion or dedication to God at all times. That means leaving a complete lifestyle set aside for the possibility of being perfectly Holy. Living a lifestyle set apart from the secular world. For instance, as a Christian, taken out of the world of Sins and translates into God’s own world [ which is Holy]. Living a Holy lifestyle before GOD and all must require you to avoid and resist temptations and focus your attention and energies on GOD by knowing him more. In this case, You must let the world see God’s qualities in you, your lifestyle, your focus, your priority in all shape and form.
So leaving a Holy life before GOD and all, is a major key to success, through the help of the Holy Spirit who overcomes our Sins and sets us free in order to remain Holy.


Some people taught living holy life means going to church on Sunday. No, there is more to Christian’s walk to be holy than just going to church on Sunday. 

Live a holy life.


4 thoughts on “Living a Holy Life Before God and Others”

  1. Actually when they talked about holiness,
    are we really holy before God and all?

  2. WOW, $ 500 a week?
    That’s awesome can you bring me in?
    I love to taking by that Spirit.

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