How to Learn Anything in 20 hours

How to Learn Anything… Fast…in 20 hours.

Learning anything required 20 hours according to Josh Kaufman. This affirmation drawn from his research and investigation deconstructs the myth of 10000 hours by Malcon Gladwell in a book called the outliers. Because the original idea stated we need 10000 hours over at least 10 years to be good at anything. However it requires 05 steps process to follow during your learning journey.

  1. Define a target specific moment
  2. Deconstructing a skill
  3. Researching
  4. Removing barriers to practice
  5. Pre-commit at least 20 hours of focus deliberate practice

  The RSA

20 hours of deliberate practice is long enough to see really dramatic results going from absolutely knowing nothing to be very good in a short period of time.