Jeff Bezos took a major risk that led to founding Amazon. Perhaps, this should be a recipe for any person looking to take a major decision. Indeed, having regrets is the worst thing that can happen to a person. For example, holding back starting a business or moving to another city, taking a new job, or just simply taking risks. Then you get at a certain moment in life and it is too late.

Basically, your fear shouldn’t stop you. Instead, focus on the key message as a compass for any decisions. For sure, the path is not going to be easy. Eventually, you might end up regretting bitterly. Or perhaps you might end up being the happiest person in the world. Either way, experiences make us better and proud. It is the highlight of our lives when we old and retired.

That is essentially the message from Jeff Bezos one of the world’s richest men and founder of Amazon. A simple, yet effective strategy he uses as a metric for any important life decisions.

I knew, that when I am 80, I’d never regret trying those things that I was super excited about.

Jeff Bezos

Video credit: CNBC Make It




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