Is Amazon Cheaper Than Walmart?

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It is time to go shopping but I am wondering should I buy on amazon or walmart? Is amazon cheaper than Walmart ? If you are like many that want to maximize your dollar this article can help.

Amazon and Walmart are well-known retail giants, that have been fiercely competing with each other for decades. Both companies promise customers cheap and good-quality products. Yet, theses retail giants have significant flaws and pros in one way or another. Below, we have made an in-depth analysis to conclude if Amazon is cheaper than walmart

is amazon cheaper?
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Amazon Prime vs Walmart Plus

Amazon Prime has been a significant retailer company for the longest time, securing millions of customers from their services. However, since the launch of Walmart plus, the retail industry can now see competition in the field. The respective companies have introduced these services, providing additional perks to their customers. Also, Amazon prime offers different shipping options, discounts at Whole Food Market, and access to music and videos.

Walmart+, on the other hand, offers same-day and grocery delivery apart from providing fuel benefits. Amazon prime charges you 14.99$per month or 139$ annually, while Walmart costs you $12.5 monthly or $98 per for its yearly membership subscription.


Shopping experience

Shopping benefits of Walmart plus

Walmart plus focuses more on the in-person shopping experience. You can scan items while shopping and then self-checkout later on. Futhermore,Walmart plus extends next-day, two-day shipping services to its members. You don’t need to stick to the minimum purchase amount. Using this membership, you can also get the same-day grocery delivery from Walmart stores. The same-day grocery service doesn’t charge you additionally as the items cost the same as they would at Walmart stores. One of the perks of the program offers members prior access to sales and promotions. This distinctive advantage includes 5 cents discount per gallon at a Walmart or Murphy fuel station.

Amazon Prime shopping benefits

Although Amazon Prime is comparatively more expensive than its rival company, the shopping services make it worth it. In addition to providing nearly identical shipping benefits as Walmart plus, Amazon delivers groceries through Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods. Delivery is as fast as 2 hours. Grocery items are slightly expensive on Amazon prime; however, it provides exclusive deals on different things to the subscribers. The prominent feature of Amazon plus is that it gives free gaming and audiobooks access.


Walmart delivery service Vs Amazon Delivery service

Amazon has introduced many shipping-related perks over the span of time. Amazon provides a one-day delivery service on more than 15 million items; you can receive your order the following day without minimum purchase. You can receive groceries on the same day with no delivery charges by using Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods. If you order throughout the week, you can pick a delivery day and receive all the parcels on the same day.

Walmart plus also doesn’t adhere to minimum orders for the standard, next-day, and two-day delivery. Without Walmart plus, the customers can still avail of two-day shipping on orders of $35 or more. You can also use a one-hour window if you live near any Walmart store. However, you would need to shop for at least $35 to get free delivery.

Pricing on Amazon and Walmart

Pricing on Amazon and Walmart is competitive. As Amazon offers lower prices on selected items, Walmart offers discounts on others. In 2020, LedEU made a list of 50 products from different categories and comparatively studied which retailer company provided cheaper prizes. The study discovered that Amazon charged 10.37 percent more expensive products than the products purchased from Walmart. However, Amazon products were 22.5 percent less than Walmart in Food and Beverages category; this proved that Amazon wants to stay ahead in the online setting.


Product quality


Many items are available at lower prices on Walmart than on other retail websites. Like wood furniture is claimed to be made up of plastic boards, which cannot stand functional of its low-grade quality in the long run. Similarly, experts advised shopping for organic food items, and HDTVs from other retail stores, since Walmart provides low-quality products. According to Customer Reports, Walmart, among others, stand at the bottom of the best luggage rankings. However, Walmart offers lower prices as compared to other retailers.


Amazon makes sure that all the sellers adhere to its policies, so the customers can receive good quality products as advertised. Amazon was able to secure its place in the top 5 retailers in the American Customer Satisfaction Index.


To join Amazon marketplace as a vendor, there is a requirement to comply with Amazon policies. Amazon ensures that it provides high-quality products to its customers. Sellers are bound to reduce purchase prices until they get along with their policies. Costumers are more likely to gravitate towards products with good reviews. Therefore, sellers need to make sure that their products compete with high-rating items.

Walmart offers a variety of products from different categories. They buy the products in bulk to give maximum discounts. Ina In addition, Walmart’s white label products are exclusively available in online stores. A seller cannot list a product that goes against Walmart’s prohibited product policy. It prohibits selling firearms, explosives, digital goods, and solar eclipse glasses, among many others. Moreover, Walmart only selects products that comply with the applicable laws.


Prime day Vs Walmart Day

“Prime Day” is a two-day event where Amazon provides chunks of discounts on its products. You can make the best of Amazon major sale event only if you are a prime day member. Consequently, some benefits available during Prime day include quick delivery service, free video, and music streaming, and amazing discounts, among many other perks. The cons are no availability of a desktop video app and not-so environment-friendly packaging.

To compete with Amazon Prime day, Walmart came up with “Deals for Days” sales. They offer discounts on a variety of products both in-store and online. You do not necessarily need to be a Walmart+ member to avail these discounts. The ‘Deals for Days’ event includes discounts exclusively accessed only online or in stores.


Conclusively Walmart’s primary focus is to provide cheaper products as compared to other retailers. Amazon does offer discounts on multiple items and offers good quality products. However, Walmart wins the game if the retailers’ prime subscription charges, price of groceries, and other items are analyzed.

Futhermore, most people who shop on Amazon do it for convenience rather than pricing.


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