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How to tie a tie: Full Windsor Knot

This guide on how to tie a tie for beginners would help with the most indispensable accessory of a men’s closet. Indeed, it brings class and elegance to your outfit. But not all men know how to tie a tie. In this very short illustration, you will learn how to do that in 5 steps.

But first, it important to acknowledge that a tie has a skinny end and a flat end.

Step by step guide

How to tie a tie

  1. Place seam side down around your neck

    It should be flat against your body

  2. Adjust the length

    Pull-on the fat end. Just make sure the skinny ends is about your rib cage.

  3. Make an “X”

    Take the fat end and cross it over the skinny end. One hand should hold the bottom of the “X”. 4 fingers on the skinniest part of the tie and your Thumb on the longer part of the tie.

  4. Tie hole

    The center of the “X” becomes the Knot. Use your free hand to take hold of the center of the “X”. Make sure you have a good grip on the center of the “X”. The space between the center of “X” and your neck is called the “tie hole”.

  5. Place it on the shoulder

    Take the tie and make it go out of the hole do it by placing your hand in front of the tie. Pull the rest of the tie through, let it fall. Then make it go behind the hole by polling over to the side, push it behind the hole and place it on the shoulder.

  6. Make it go into the hole

    Pull the under flip it and push it through the hole. Go ahead and pull the rest through it. Then take the tie to go across the hole.

  7. Place the tie across the hole

    Put your index finger vertically across the “X” center. Then go across the hole and put the tie on your shoulder. Take the tie making go out of the hole. Make sure the face is showing. Then take the fat end of the tie put it behind the across the step. Make it go right where your finger is.

How to tie a tie video

Watch the video below for a better assessment of the method. How to tie a tie by tie hole.


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