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How to tie a tie


A tie is one of the most indispensable accessories of a closet. Indeed, it brings class and elegance to your outfit. But not all men and women know how to properly tie a tie. Hence,whether it’s your first time or not, this guide on how to tie a tie should be very useful.

Be first let’s answer some questions.

FAQ about ties

What is the most popular tie knot?

One of the most popular knot and widely used is the windsor knot. That is because it is simple yet mastering require practice. The knot is a classic elegant and highly recommended for formal and semi-formal events.

Why is it called a Windsor knot?

History says it is named after the Duke of WIndsor.

What’s the easiest tie knot?

The easiest tie to tie is the Four-in-hand knot.Actually, it is the small tie tie knot. However, it fits shirts very well because it has a narrow collar. the four most commonly used tie knots (the four-in-hand knot, the half-Windsor knot, the Windsor knot and the Pratt knot).

What are the most commonly used tie knots?

The most commonly used tie knots are the:

  • Four-in-hand knot,
  • Half-Windsor knot,
  • Windsor knot and
  • Pratt knot.

How to tie a tie: Full Windsor Knot

  1. Place seam side down around your neck

It should be flat against your body. After, place the wide end on your left and the narrow end on your right. Then, pull-on the fat end. Later, make sure the skinny ends is about your rib cage.

2. Make an “X”

Take the fat end and cross it over the skinny end or cross the wide end over the narrow end. In addition, make sure one hand holds the bottom of the “X”. Also, your 4 fingers should be on the skinniest part and your thumb on the longer part.

3. Tie hole also known as the neck loop.

The center of the “X” becomes the Knot. Afterward, use your free hand to take hold of the center of the “X”. Moreover, make sure you have a good grip on the center of the “X”. The space between the center of “X” and your neck is called the “neck loop“.

4. Place it on the shoulder

Take the tie and make it go out of the hole do it by placing your hand in front. Pull the rest of the tie through, let it fall. Then make it go behind the hole by polling over to the side, push it behind the hole and place it on the shoulder.

5. Make it go into the hole

Put your index finger vertically across the “X” center. Then, go across the hole and put it on your shoulder. Next, take the tie making go out of the hole. Afterward, make sure the face is showing. Also, take the fat end of the tie put it behind the across the step.

6. The wide end should be down and to the right.

7. After take the wide end and pass it through the neck loop.

Full Windsor Knot

8. Form the knot.

Cross over the tie hole to your right. As a result, you will form the knot.

9. Bring it up through the tie hole from below.

10. Pull it through the loosened knot.

11. Adjust and strengthen the dimple.

Watch the video below for a better assessment of the method. That is because we want to bring a faster approach to achieving the same result with minimal effort. Subsequently, thanks to Pratiks in English, we can enjoy this video and appreciate how it facilitates the process. Chances are you won’t get it at first. But, it would take a few attempts but once mastered you will appreciate it.

Step by step guide: Half Windsor Knot

This knot is one of the most popular for work, weddings, business meetings, and casual occasions. Because it is a perfect complement for practically every opportunity. More, it can be worn with more collars, such as the button-down, forward point, or spread collar. Finally, half Windsor knot is relatively easy, to learn.

Just follow the steps below illustrated by Brooks Brothers:

1. On your left put the wide end. Next, on your right place the narrow end.

2. Cross the wide end over the narrow end.

3. Pass the wide end under the narrow end.

4. Bring up and pass it through the neck loop.

5. Take the wide end down and to the right.

6. Bring the wide end up to the center and wrap around to form a knot.

7. Pass the wide end through the loop and bring it down.

8. Pull the pointed end up and then down through the knot.

9. Adjust the dimple to neck.

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