Money circle brings like-minded people together. They pool resources and help each other achieve their respective financial goals. In this class, you will learn the fundamentals. In addition, you can go further by running a program. the program is more than just group friends.

Course overview money  circle class

  • Welcome to the course
  • Definition
  • The importance of a being part of a circle.
  • Different types of circles
  • Lending circle
  • Saving circle
  • Investment club
  • Learn how to choose the right circle
  • The legal framework
  • The advantage
  • The drawbacks
  • How to set up a circle?
  • Working with professional services


After you attend this course, you find a whole different perspective in life. It would help you assess how you can leverage your community to improve your financial prospect. Money circles are a great way to turn your financial fortune around.

$399 or 6 payments of $79

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