How to Start a Business? 101

How to start a business ? That is a question that keeps awake all aspired entrepreneurs. The answer is not so simple. Since it evolves multiple steps,activities and actions such writing a business plan assuming you already have an idea of what you want to do. Then there is others activities. Sometimes, it might be easier to just pay someone to do everything you. But where is the opportunity of learning by doing.


The completely video guide associated with a downloadable pdf file, will set you off for a better start. You will learn all the steps required to launch a company. The framework is not abiding but just a collection of things you need to or to have if you want to start a business.

You can find many resources out there and alot of them of very good quality. This is just an addition to your tool kits.

Obviously, starting a company demands more but this is a start. Keep in mind you will need to be patient, focus and reliant.

Perhaps, the most important aspect here is to find a mentor. Then, you have to form a team. Basically, to acknowledge you can’t do this alone.

How to start a business ?

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