How to solve your staffing challenges as a start up.

Start-ups face alot of challenges among those, staffing is probably the most important. Let’s face it the lack of sufficient funding hindered the ability to hire people. Thus jeopardizing the ability to be competitive. Even when some start-ups manage to have enough funding, they still struggle to staff opened positions. Nevertheless, there are alot of solutions available to solve your staffing challenges as a start-up owner. Contributing to this critical topic, this article will highlight four potential solutions.

Solution 1 : Gamify your challenges

Indeed,break down you company challenges into puzzles, then arrange it in a hierarchy of importance and set them as challenges and then request for help in exchange for cash or any rewards.

Solution 2: Activity based remuneration

Don’t hire people to work for you per hour but per activity. A couple of years ago I worked for an engineering company it was my first contact with activity based remuneration. My contract was simple, when I need you, I call you for a specific task . At first I thought it was because of the company’s cash flow issues. But many years later I realized it was just a management practice during my exit interview.

Solution 3 : Partner with companies of similar size and with similar problems

You can partner with companies of the same size to share cost including staffing cost. It is a win-win situation. The employee will be fulfill as he or she will work on multiple challenges; and the companies will share the staffing cost and save money.

Finally, focus on your mission,vision, culture rather than financial and material rewards. Don’t underestimate the importance of those elements. They play a significant role in the psychology of some potential hires.

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