How To Send Money Abroad With Western Union

How to send money abroad accurately and completely

Sending money abroad to a person or an entity in a different state, city, country or continent can be daunting. Even though nowadays we have multiple options available. However, one of the most popular companies to send money abroad is Western Union. This self-explanatory video will enlighten you with a step by step process.


This service addresses one of the challenges of financially underserved communities. Indeed all the recipient just needs a simple government issued ID and the sending number. Plus, immigrants appreciate the service as it is an easy means to send money home. Consequently, helping their loved ones stayed at back in their country by providing financial reliefs. Furthermore, the service has the advantage of representation as it can be found pretty much everywhere.

The service is affordable but it has its limits. Actually, some countries set limits on how much money can be received. Thus it is important to ask that information before sending. Moreover, there is a transfer limit that applies when you use the service to send money. The transfer limit depends on many factors.

5 things to remember

A. Make sure the name of the recipient reflects what is on his government-issued ID.

B. Check the availability of a local agent where you are sending the money.

C. Check the currency rate to adjust the money you are sending.

D. Check country limits restriction

E. Find out if you have any limits restriction.

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