How To Save Money In College

How to Save money in college

Money is hard as a college student nowadays, more if you are on a tight budget. Indeed, money issues can make your college experience extremely challenging. But you are not an exception. Indeed, just like you millions of students struggle financially each year. That is because rising college tuition and living expenses are making it extremely difficult for college students to meet their budget. Yet, there are many opportunities to save money in college. I have put together some strategies drawn from my personal experiences to show you how to save money in college.


5 simple and effective strategies

Before you jump start with the below recommendations, you need to set the right expectations and develop the right mindset. Know what you want and be in peace with yourself. Know who you are, where you come from and your personal goal. That being set here are some ideas that I implemented when I was in college to save money.

A. Save money on food

  1. Volunteers in exchange for foods.

If well implemented, you could save a lot of money on food. Across your neighbor, city, county and state, they are countless volunteering opportunities available. Whether it is at the local hospital, community center, restaurants or houses of worship. Be creative and ask around you, don’t be afraid. People always need help. In addition, there is also a growing community of people in “the buying noth movement” where you can find anything you need for free.

How To Buy Nothing

2. Join forces with a mate for grocery shopping

In college, there is always a chat group where students come together to aggregate their shopping needs. If there isn’t one, start one. Actually, this strategy can reduce your grocery budget by at least 50%. Learn more about group shopping in this article.

Save Big Money While Grocery Shopping

B. Save money on housing

Rent is the largest part of your budget. Typically, if you live more than 30 minutes from your campus chances are your accommodation could be very affordable. So take your time look for a cheap yet secured accommodation that meets your budget.

Another growing opportunity for accommodation, is to provide homeservices in exchange for a room. Notably for people looking for help with home chores. Check the following websites:

You can also reach out to your local house of worship, community center or leverage your personal relationship to find out if any person is looking for home help in exchange for a place to stay. A safe and growing place to check is with senior centers.

The last option is to negotiate a deal with your landlord in exchange of a discount. For example, I was responsible for trash in my building in exchange I received 30% discount on my rent.

Moreover, if you make abstraction of all the unnecessary amenities you can find sweet deals. Really, all you need is a small nice comfortable room, excellent Wi-Fi internet, great roommates, and good access to transportation.

Why You Need Roommates?

C. Take of your student ID

Student IDs aren’t just for getting access to campus buildings. Flashing it at stores, mass transit providers, museums, and even restaurants could get you discounts. Your college may have a list of local and even national businesses that offer its students special pricing. And at any store, it never hurts to ask at checkout or entry if there are student discounts too.

4. Watch out for your phone bill

Manage your phone bill efficiently. Perhaps, you can get the cheapest plan available in your city. Of course, you shouldn’t worry about internet data. Wi-Fi is available everywhere on campus, in coffee shops, libraries, and at home. So why do you pay for that expensive phone plan?

How To Save Money Now

5. Stay focused

Resist social pressure. Yes, it is true the bonds you create in college last for life. But associate yourself only with people who accept you as you are. Be true to yourself.

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