How to save $100

How to save $100

There are some little things you can do to improve your financial health. For instance, implementing the things below can help you save $100.

  1. Delay Your Dry Cleaning

2. Say No to Soft Drinks

3. Skip the After-Work Happy Hour

4. Put Your Gym Membership on Hold (If You’re Not Going Often)

5. Cancel an Unwanted Subscription

6. Brown-Bag Your Lunch Instead of Buying It

7. Make a Purchase With One of Your Gift Cards

8. Print Out All Those Coupons in Your Email

9. Bring Your Own Snacks to the Movie Theater

10. Plan a Date Night In This Weekend

11. Drink Water From the Tap

12. Submit Your Receipts to Cash-Back Apps

13. Sell Something You Don’t Need

14. Walk, Bike or Carpool

15. Eat Your Leftovers Instead of Ordering In

16. Count Your Loose Change

17. Pour Yourself a Cup of Joe Before You Go

18. Buy Snack Foods in Bulk and Portion at Home

19. Consume More Free Entertainment

Certainly, the list is not exhaustive. Perhaps some of the tricks are very unusual. However, if you have any tips or tricks that can help save $100 please feel free to drop a comment below and share them with the community.

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