Tips For Driving Long Distances

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Usually, long drives evolve around many variables and some beyond our control. That makes me nervous. Consequently, every time, I have a planned event or a trip that would be longer than 30 mins; I try to be prepared as much as possible. Drawing from my past experiences and those around me; here are non-exhaustive tips for driving long distances.


Tips for driving long distances

General tips

Get an adult diaper

Driving long distances could be extremely uncomfortable, especially when you are on the highway with no exit or nearby bathroom options and you need a bathroom urgently. Hence, to avoid any risks of putting yourself in a delicate situation it is recommended to get an adult diaper. You can find a variety of options online and in person at your local retail store. There is no shame or something wrong with that. Actually, it would serve you well and you can manage it discreetly.

Extra phone battery or a powerband

The last thing you need is having a dying phone with no power far away from home. In today’s society where anything can happen at any time, it is better to be prepared. Thanks to today’s technology advancements you can find a phone powerband that meets any budget. Check out online stores or your local retailers.

Make sure you have cash in hand

Don’t ever go out without any cash on hand. Not a credit card or debit card but actual cash because you might find yourself in a situation where it is not an option to use a cashless payment technology.

Eat a well balanced and filled-up meal before starting

This is because you don’t know how the day will evolve. Regardless, of the agenda having a good meal before departure will help you think clearly and make sound decisions. If you cannot have a good meal for any reason, take a protein bar with you. You can find a variety of proteins bars in the marketplace. They are typically small in size and can sustain you for hours.


Safety tips

Tell at least one person where you are going

This is a basic safety tip, that most people forget. Even though, it is a very important safety tip. Sometimes, I can go as far as sharing my real-time status for tracking with a trusted person if I am going somewhere for the first time. A simple share your location option on google map or any digital map will do.

Stay awake and remain alert till your destination

Well, if you are the driver you definitely need to be alert and awake. However, if you are not a driver try to refrain from completely sleeping. That is because should any deviation happen from your initial itinerary or any issues, you can catch up early and prepare yourself to adjust accordingly.

Get an emergency kit

An emergency kit is a set of items that provide immediate relief. For instance, for driving long distances, an emergency kit needs the following items: spare tire, water, snacks, empty gas gallon, flags light, first aid kits, car tools, a map, power battery, etc…

Check the destination

This is a very useful tip that would make you feel comfortable about your trip. Check your destination, if possible do a google image of the destination and its surroundings. Indeed, it would mentally prepare you.

Write on a piece of paper or memorize the most important phone numbers

Just in case your phone dies. Generally, it is recommended to have a tiny address book with all the most important phone numbers and address on you.

Put on clean underwears

Regardless, every time you set out of your house always put on clean underwear just because you never know.

Mini Stun gun

A mini stun gun for your personal safety just in case anybody tries to assault you. You can find many options, customization, various prices online and at your local retail stores.


These tips for long driving distances are not only valid for long distances. In fact, be methodic every time you are going out. Keep in mind you never know what can happen. Just be prepared as much as you can.

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