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How to Pay your Debt? Introduction

Debt burden is probably the single most important issue of this era. Especially when you owe a big amount of money. How you can pay off your debt? Irrespective of how you get to this level, there is no blame game, and should not be blaming yourself. Instead, you should be solution-oriented.

Student loan, medical bill, car lease, house, kids education, or just simply parenting. All those can push your budget off the cliff. When you start paying, it looks like a never-ending shit hole.

How to Pay your Debt?

Luckily together as a community we can share ideas and tips that can support each other throughout this journey.


We are going to learn from one another and read about things we did to get out of debt. I am not an expert in the field, I am just an ordinary person that has been reading, listening to people, and doing research on this topic. At first, it was to get out of debt then I decided to go further with the topic.

Learning how to pay off your debt will definitely go a long way in your quest for a better life. There is no question about the availability of resources out there. I just want to chip in my own contribution.

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