1. How to make money

How to Make Free Money

Gary Vaynerchuk walks us through a very simple and easy effective strategy that teaches us how to make money on weekends. Indeed, this strategy is so simple and easy to implement. In addition, this amazing video is a highlight of what can be possible if you put yourself to work with creativity.

Certainly, there are many available alternatives. Yet, this is one of the most constant strategies. You are just swapping products from one platform to another.

True, you will need to do some homework to find out the type of product to source and the level of demand. Eventually, you have to probably learn how to renovate or refurbish products.

Furthermore, you can leverage the strategy to start a business. No matter, your end goal, you will be well served. Besides, if you apply a little bit of creativity, you can really go a long way with the activity. More, it can be very lucrative. Consequently, if you are looking at how to make money on the side. This will be perfect. Especially, in the furniture category. It is amazing the number of stuff people throws away.

Yet, you need to be tech friendly to full take advantage of this model.

Let us know if you know of some alternatives or have tried something else.

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