How To Make Handmade Jewelry [Free E-Book]

Handicraft products, especially jewelry, are in high demands among communities. That is why we have multiple community platforms such as Etsy connecting makers and handmade products aficionados. How To Make Handmade Jewelry

Nay, sometimes we want to get into that space but we don’t know how to go about. Thankfully, this e-book will provide a step by step guide.

Takeaways: How To Make Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is a pretty solid source of income. More so, if the piece is well and uniquely crafted. They can be sold at pop-up shop events, at convenience stores, within the community, friends, family, co-workers, classmates and online.

The math

The average sale price of jewelry varies from $10 to $25 for ordinary less flashy pieces of jewelry. The cost of goods made is around 20% of the product. That leaves you will a healthy profit of about 80% per piece.

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Read the following E-book to learn more about the secret of making the perfect jewelry.

Jewelry Making Secrets