How To Make $100k+/ year with the sharing economy: Part 2 Labor income

How To Make $100k (part 2) with the sharing economy model, it sounds challenging. But it is actually easy to achieve. Because its model reduces or eliminates industry barriers. Thus empowering many to transform their livelihoods by accessing markets as suppliers of goods or services. Evidently, many people have been able to build considerable wealth by shifting their mindset.

Takeaways: How To Make $100k part 2

Today it is easier than ever to take home a healthy income. Indeed, the underserved, the underprivileged, the high school drop out, immigrant, the uneducated with a little bit of effort can also achieve the American dream. Nevertheless, to make 100k a year or more you have to combine multiple streams. The shared economy model more than any other model provides that possibility.


  • You are the master of your time.
  • Enormous flexibility: flexibility is definitely one of the most important aspects of the sharing economy model. Because you can decide when and how to work or not to work at all.
  • You are your own boss: Some people are not made to work for others. I have a friend of mine who is extremely allergic to feedback.
  • Unlimited revenue cap: accurately, your earnings depend on the hours you put in.

The math: How To Make $100k Year part 2

After the first part focused on assets income, this article is focused on labor income. Also, the average monthly income will be reflecting a conservative approach. The methodology is based on information gathered from official websites, blog posts, surveys, and testimonials.

  1. Handy jobs:
  • Chances are you are extremely good at a specific task. Cleaning, landscaping, building or moving, assemble a table/chair, etc… This niche could be extremely lucrative. Join a marketplace that connects labor to demand: Potential income: $1000/month
  • Help people with makeup and hair cuts as a mobile agent: Potential income: $2000/month
  1. Knowledge jobs:

You have a piece of knowledge or you are an expert in a specific field. Put it to fruition by sharing your knowledge with others. Join an online marketplace to execute specific knowledge required job such as design a website, a logo, writing a book, etc.… Potential income: $200/month

  • Online course

Take your knowledge to the next level by becoming an online teacher or creating your online course. Moreover, no subject is taboo only your imagination can stop you: Potential income: $500/month

  • Tutoring: tutors are in high demand for some courses.In addition, some parents are willing to drop top dollars for their kids: Potential earning: $200/month
  • Cooking skills

Use your cooking skills to make delicious meals for your community, host at home or be an on demand chef: Potential income: $3000/month

  • Pets

You love pets. Many people need help with their pets when they are at work or away: Potential earning: $200 per month.

  • Coach/personal trainer/motivation speaker

If you love helping people with their personal goal, then this is the right gig for you. Whether it is weight loss, sports performance, career growth, personal growth, etc.…: Potential earning: $2000/month

  • Sell contents, pictures, videos, writing: Potential earning: $400 per month.

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