How To Host Virus-Free Holiday Gatherings: 5 Excellent Tips

virus-free holiday

The holiday season is around the corner, a unique moment for all. Indeed, this is the time of the year where families come together and celebrate each other. But, with coronavirus around many are wondering how they can celebrate safely. Contributing to the topic here are 5 tips to host virus-free holiday gatherings.

1. In-house sanitation station

As a host, make sure to direct any guest to a designated space to thoroughly wash their hands with soap, utilized hand sanitizer, and drop in some face shields and face masks. Moreover, guests should take off their shoes and any jackets, scarves before getting out of the sanitation station.


2. Testing kit

Find a way to test your guests before they get in contact with your family. Actually, if you can afford a rapid testing kit it would be wonderful. But, if you can’t simply take their temperatures, request for a negative covid result of less than a week, and use your judgement.


3. Avoid hugs

Avoid any hugs, handshakes, kisses, or any actions that encourage body contact. Definitely, it is going to be a tough one, especially if you haven’t seen part of your family in a long time. But it is necessary.

4. Everything hot

Only eat and served hot food. No cold drinks if possible stick to hot tea and coffee. Prioritize well and thoroughly cooked food. That is because it is common knowledge that anything well cooked kills bacterias.


5. Limit the number of people

This definitely one of the most popular recommendations by health officials. Thus, limit the number of people invited to make room for social distancing. Furthermore, the rest of the family can utilize video conferencing software. More importantly, you should not invite a member with known pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma.

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