How To Do A killer Powerpoint Presentation

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You have probably read wonderful content on how to do a killer PowerPoint presentation. Indeed, across the web, you will find well-written and thoughtful articles about the topic. Hence, adding to the topic here are some simple and complementary tricks. However, let’s have a quick look at the powerful software’s main features.

What do you mean by PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a computer software programme developed by Microsoft which helps users to create simple slides or animation slides with recordings, narrations, transitions, and other features in order to present information. The software is widely popular among students,teachers and professionals.


What is the main purpose of PowerPoint?

Typically,the software is used to summarize, convey and enhance information with rich visual effects.Indeed, it is very useful when presenting, ideas, sales pitch or data. Normally, Microsoft bundles the program with other productivity sofwares such as Word,excel and access in Microsoft office suite. Although, nowadays you can get the software as a standalone program.

Why is PowerPoint called PowerPoint?

Initially, the founder of the program, Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin though of naming it Presenter. Both were working at Forethought Inc. However, the appellation was dropped because of trademark issues. Then later Robert Gaskins renamed it Powerpoint in 1987.

killer powerpoint presentation

A good presentation has to capture and keep your audience engaged throughout the presentation. However many failed the closing. Typically, close your presentation with something intriguing and thought-provoking for your audience to consider. In addition to being a call to action.

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