How Money Circles Transform Lives


Money circles are impacting lives in many ways in our communities. Even though, It has many names depending on where your origins are. Normally, the principle is the same, and the outcome usually similar. As a matter of fact, depending on the membership objectives the scale of the impact can be measured both on a very personal level and in the community. Actually, the system facilitates the transformation of lives.

I just wanted to share with you a couple of stories that illustrate how formidable money circles can be if done right. In fact, this approach can dramatically transform lives, improve social, economic and even the psychological output of communities all across America. Indeed, it brings hope to millions of citizen that feel left out

  • In this first story, 6 people bought a house together. It highlights the benefit of co-buying either for people who can’t afford to be home owners or for people looking to buy their dream house, at their dream location.
  • This second story is the perfect illustration of the power of money circles. It brings people together, it helps strengthen personal relationships. But most importantly it propels entrepreneurship careers. Especially in the property investment market.
  • Finally, this podcast by NPR summarizes all the benefits of a well structured and implemented money circle.

In conclusion, every day across the country, more and more people are relying on money circles to build their dreams. The system is proof that when people come together nothing is impossible. The best thing is you don’t need to be wealthy or taking home a heavy check to join or create a money circle.

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