How has Coronavirus Transformed Our Lives Forever

Coronavirus has altered our lifestyle for good. Indeed, the virus outbreak came with significant changes in our communities and the way we interact with each other. But how has coronavirus transformed the way we live? Well, here are the top 5 things that would probably become permanent.

1. Health

The current speed in vaccine research breaks any conventional practices. Therefore regulators would embrace new disruptive protocols, methodologies, and processes. Secondly, we should expect public health officials to enforce preventive care policies. Thirdly, telehealth, and all related technologies are here to stay.

2. Contactless and cashless world

Technologies empowering contactless delivery such as remote learning, remote work, telehealth, and virtual collaboration have exploded with better and easy to use friendly features. Therefore, most organizations had to reevaluate their processes with the implementation of cashless technologies.

3. Wildlife

Lockdowns around the world have limited human activities and pressure on wildlife. Thus, nature has taken full advantage of this opportunity to rebuild itself and regenerates. Subsequently, the global animal population for the most part has increased considerably over the past few months.


4. Travel

As experience already a negative Covid-19 test is now required to travel to some states, countries, or cities.

5. Social lives

Notably, our daily social live rhymes now with social distancing, maskering, hand sanitizers, disinfectant, and the fear of getting infected.

5. Bankruptcy

Some of the most iconic brands around the corner couldn’t survive the pandemic and its consequences. Specially lockdowns and social distancing that put a huge burden on businesses that were already struggling.

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