How to Build a Growth Mindset

Growth mindset according to Dr. Dweck’s who coined the term is the understanding that abilities and intelligence can be developed. In essence, her researches highlight the point that the way we think about learning can change the way we do it. The excellent video below by Trevor Ragan revisits the concept and brings in more clarity. The video is a piece of art and probably the best work on how to build a growth mindset on youtube.

Dr. Carol Dweck illustrates that better at Ted talk event in the video below.

Indeed at the core of the concept, we have to believe, take action and then we can grow. It is not easy, it is frustrating and challenging but it is worthwhile. Our mindset can impact our actions especially when it comes to learning.

We all have around us people that always runaways when there is any challenge. They can’t think outside the box and are averse to change.

It is important to always surround yourself with people that are opened minded and fast forward thinkers, demonstrated a growth mindset or the ability to build a growth mindset.

Definitely, it will take focus, attention and time. For the most part, we can get better at stuff.

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