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Expecting The 3rd Stimulus payment? Track It with “Get My Payment”

After President Joe Biden signed into law the latest $1.9 trillion rescue package on Thursday, March 11th 2021, providing for qualifying Americans a 3rd stimulus check of $1,400 per individual. Indeed, a family of four can expect $5600.

The Internal Revenue Service website online portal for tracking payment is live this Saturday, March 13th 2021. Actually, the IRS had initially planned on the tool to go live on Monday 15th 2021.

First payments to hit qualified individuals who provided bank account information with IRS this weekend. While others will get paper checks or debit cards mailed to them. The rest will be receiving their payment these coming weeks by direct deposit, check or debit card.


IRS stimulus check tracker

The official IRS tracker tool is known as “Get My Payment”. The tool is available on IRS official website. Nonetheless, before you start tracking your 3rd stimulus check, there some few things you need to know:

A. What you will need

  1. Social security number
  2. Date of birth
  3. Your address on file with the IRS
  4. Zip code

B. What the portal will tell you

  1. Payment date
  2. Payment method

C. “Payment status not available” means

  1. The information you input are not accurate
  2. IRS has not yet processed your payment. Check normally every 48 hours.
  3. You are not eligible for a payment

D. Which tax returns will serve as the baseline?

If you have not filed for your taxes 2019 will serve as the baseline just like the first stimulus check of $1200 and the second stimulus check of $600. However, if like millions of Americans you are ahead of the curve then 2020 tax returns will serve as your baseline.

The “Get My Payment” tool

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