Educational Challenges and The Way Forward

Growth comes with its own challenges. What makes the difference between winners and losers is the fact that winners find a way around their problems. That could indeed be the summation of my college story.  College is indeed a world of its own. That reality dawned on me as early as my first day in college. Unlike high school where there were a lot of accessible teachers to walk up to when things are things are going south.

I soon realized that in college, you will have to make sense of things by yourself. My first lecturer didn’t help matters too, he said professors are expected to teach us only 70% of the coursework, the remaining 30% would be self-researched. This statement caused a bit of trepidation and a few of us broke out in sweat. For a few of us, that moment was a turning point in our academic career.  Here was my challenge:

As exam was fast approaching, we had to revolutionize our study pattern and a lot of students took to reading all through the night. Our collegiate fellow would call the practice Till Dawn Break, quite a hilarious name. I tried it out a few times and I found out that it wasn’t just for me. Every time I read all through the night, I suffered a serious headache throughout the next day. It was however expedient that I prepare for the examinations, so I devised a plan.  I decided to craft a new line of action and solve the challenge in a different way. I took three fundamental steps:


  1. Made friends who were good with courses I was bad at An adage says if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go with others. I decided to use this adage and I selected colleagues who were good at courses I was not so good with. We were not your drink popping or movie watching buddies, it was just books and nothing else. As such, I could run to them to straighten out things to me when the going gets tough.
  2. Drafted a schedule and stuck with it: Most people do the first part but not the second. Drafting a schedule is not just enough, you must be willing to stick and live with it. No one is asking you to become a robot but having a schedule can make you aware of what to do next at every point in time. It worked for me though. My schedule made me value every passing minute, I couldn’t waste time because I knew each minute is allotted to something.
  3. Maximized the daytime: Since I couldn’t read during the night and I must study, I decided to do so during the day. As such, immediately after lectures, I go home and do my best to read at least two hours every day. I used every spare time in-between classes to read.

Every challenge has a walk around; you just have to find it.