Choices come with consequences

What is a Choice in human life? Choice is a word that often comes with consequences in the life of mankind. Choices come with consequences can be negative or positive.

When God created the Universe, he gave Man:

  • The freedom to live.
  • The ability to make your own choice.
  • A will to decide which way you want to lead your life, whether good or bad.

The choice is yours.

The ability to make the right choice at the right time is one of the most challenging moments in life. That is because it can take you to the highest point of life as well as it can you bring down.

Therefore, many people are afraid to make a decision because choices come with consequences and sacrifices.

You have to decide whether:

  • To accept Christ as your Lord and personal savior.
  • To play with Christ in your life.
  • To worship man or material things.

Keep in mind every choice you make, will impact your life forever. Consequently, we need to be careful and run a thorough vetting process before settling for any option.

In life, you have the wrong and the right choice.

The wrong choice has devastating consequences such as disappointment, depression, regret, frustration, destruction, pain, sickness, sadness, or even death in extreme cases.

The right choice comes with enjoyment, due to self joy, happiness, kindness, and love.

Life is a choice and whatever you want to be tomorrow, all depend on the choice you made today.  When you make the right choice, you will use the right key to open great doors for your victory.

God bless you all.

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