Challenges I Often Faced With My Studies and How I Overcome Them

Challenges I often faced with my studies and how I overcome them

As a student, one of my primary necessities is always to work hard so that I achieve desirable results at the end of my course examinations. However, it is not always easy to achieve this as there are tempting challenges that always narrows the path to success.

In this article, I’m going to highlight and expatiate on some of the challenges I face with my studies and how I overcome them.

  • Firstly, one of the challenges I face with studying is a short attention span. In this light, often than not during my study and reading periods, I usually have the trouble of staying focus for a long period of time. This is usually because of constant phone calls, and other domestic attention. This at times greatly has an impact on my academic results.
  • Furthermore, another challenge I also face with my studies is the lack of interest. A particular subject I always face difficulties with is maths. This is basically because I have little or no interest to study it at times and is thus has a big setback on my performance.
  • In the same light, I also face academic challenges wherein I have little or no motivation. One essential thing I admire in my educational carrier is motivation. Often times I usually do not have this motivation I wish for. This, however, weighs me down a little.
  • Memory difficulties and forgetting what I might have read or studied is thus another challenge for me. With so much text to examine at times, it can be difficult to get through all of it. I also usually have a tough time remembering some of the things I read or ending up forgetting.
  • Above all, studying as a parent at times is never easy. This is because I need to take care of my domestic activities and attention. This usually poses a big treat and makes the entire process challenging and difficult.

Three tips that I used in overcoming these challenges

  • One of the ways in which I overcome my studying challenge is that I learned little to techniques on increasing my concentration capabilities. For example, during my reading sessions, I switch off my phone and look for a quiet area to study.
  • To add, I have sort out unique and smart ways to develop an interest in studying math. This includes techniques such as playing games that involve critical thinking, more research through the internet on how to combat my mathematical problems and ask suggestion from friends and course mates expecting quality answers.
  • In regards to memory difficulty and forgetfulness, I can take breaks during my study and reading session, read just a required amount of work and relax a little. All of this goes a long way to combat my studying challenges.

Summarily, there are quite a lot of challenges I face with my studies. However, since necessity is the mother of invention, I always work out possible solutions that make things work out.